The Jimmy C

January 4, 2012

For a good chunk of charming self-produced music check out Australian native Jamie Coghill’s (under the The Jimmy C moniker) albums on Bandcamp! Oddly enough stating he’s a “mediocre multiinstrumentalist” in his bio, he’s the drummer of Australian outfit The Devilrock Four who started experimenting with 4-track recordings on his own in 2005, ending up with tons of songs released on five different albums and EP’s over the years!

A variety of different garage sounds are offered on the albums available (garage punk, pop, spy themes, groovy instrumentals etc.) reminding me of a more garage version of Beck (especially on the funny Sucks To Be You) via The Ventures with maybe some slight Eagles of Death Metal qualities to the more rocking tracks. His latest offering Glamour & Fame (released on Australian label Off The Hip) offers up some great 60’s styled pop and is highly recommended. Fun!

Sample track:


4 Responses to “The Jimmy C”

  1. The Jimmy C Says:

    Thanks for helping spread the word Magnus! You’re doing a great thing for independent music!

  2. […] across his Bandcamp earlier this year, spent days listening to his Glamour & Fame album before writing a piece about it on my TapeMix site. Now, with that becoming a column in CRKO Magazine later on this year (where I […]

  3. […] I already wrote about this Australian musician back in January (you can read about it here), and recently had the fortune of interviewing him for the upcoming issue of German music […]

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