Casablanca Carambol Company

January 11, 2012

I’m usually not that keen on modern rockabilly because it has a tendency to be way overproduced, lacking that necessary “dirt” that was pretty common on those indie label releases back in the fifties, or just lacking the nerve of the original artists. Nothing wrong with retro, but an anemic delivery just doesn’t cut it when it comes to wild music. Belgian combo Casablanca Carambol Company manages to steer clear of that on their 2010 album Moonlight, offering up some really good originals faithful to the sound.

Bringing to mind the classic two first albums by Gene Vincent with a slight Bobby Fuller influence, these guys serves up eleven great rockabilly tracks with nice production true to the roots and some pretty nice guitar work. Available on CD as well!

Sample track:


4 Responses to “Casablanca Carambol Company”

  1. thanks alot !!

    these reviews, thats why we enjoy what we are doing

    the bassplayer 😉

  2. Luc Says:

    Pssst… they are belgian… not dutch 😉

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