Well, summer is finally here and I don’t know about you but for me that means lots of Beach Boys, Ramones and classic 60s Reggae/Ska/Rocksteady on the stereo. Now, like I stated in my review of Unitone HiFi/Jefferson Belt‘s split 7″ (read it here) I am fully aware that it’s a bit snobbish attitude but my main problem with modern reggae is the production. It’s just too clean-sounding and lack the grit and sheer oomph of let’s say Lloyd Charmers‘ outings. French group The Rockin’ Preachers might still sound a bit too polished but they thankfully avoid the modern dancehall sounds and sure have the vibe and songwriting down!

Four songs of upbeat, midtempo summer-esque reggae/ska vibes are served up on their debut (?) EP (the last one an instrumental version) – my favorite being Give Me Some Light. Great, great musicianship and some really good vocal delivery from the lead singer and his back-ups (sorry, no names as their site is low on info and no linked website) proving me once again wrong. Enjoy yourself (it’s later than you think)!

Sample track: 

Website: N/A



May 25, 2012

For some (un)healthy aural pummeling, check out Italian outfit Grime‘s self titled debut EP released in the summer of 2011! These guys offer up a nice varied blend of sludge, doom and metal with screechy black metal-esque vocals with such intense aggression you physically recoil upon the initial listen. After a much disturbing intro (sampled from the Cape Fear remake) the band goes for your throat and don’t let up for half an hour.

This is just pure brutality at insane levels. The production, the attitude – everything seems designed to ultimately destroy the listener. Sometimes at a crawl, occasionally picking up speed the band never lets up and succeeds in their quest of completely annihilating their surroundings. Eight songs that is nothing less than physically exhausting, check it out!

Sample track: 

Bandcamp: http://grime666.bandcamp.com/
Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grime/209557405747608

Neon Piss

May 25, 2012

For a really nice slice of gloomy punk, check out Portland quartet Neon Piss‘ two-song sampler taken from their upcoming self-titled debut 12″ EP release. A nice blend of classic punk rock, early New Wave and a dark feel similar to their fellow compatriots The Wipers, they manage to offer up some really nice hooks amid the desperation without sounding the least bit commercial or pretentious.

Perfectly executed, the band is tight and their songwriting skills hold a really high level making me pretty damn sure these guys are gonna make some big waves in the future. Vinyl versions will be released in the US (Deranged Records) and Europe (Cut The Cord That…) soon and right now you can download a total of six tracks for free so check them out!

Sample track: 

Bandcamp: http://neonpiss.bandcamp.com/
Website: http://neonpiss.blogspot.se/