December 19, 2011

For a healthy dose of skull-crushing metallic sludge Georgian trio Whores. offer up their track Daddy’s Money off their debut 12″ EP Ruiner soon to be released on Panda Records. Admittedly inspired by bands like Black Flag and Melvins I hear a vast amount of influences ranging from early Helmet to Unsane, maybe even some Cop Shoot Cop with a bit of early Swans thrown in! We’re talking loud! Loud guitars, loud drums, screaming vocals and a pounding bass that goes for the jugular – brutal music as it is meant to sound.

According to the label bio the EP offers up a total of five tracks just perfect for your next dental surgery appointment, but I gotta say they could’ve offered a couple of more sample tracks on their Bandcamp. Check it out and get in touch with the label for the vinyl version.

UPDATE: Their Bandcamp site now offers all five tracks from their EP.

Sample track:

Bandcamp: http://whores.bandcamp.com/
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whores/108004672554176



December 14, 2011

UK stoners Thorun‘s EP Chorus of Giants is the kinda record release/demo that makes you scratch your head wondering why they haven’t been signed to a label already. Maybe it’s because they dabble in instrumental music, a genre most people in the “industry” consider hard to market, but their brand of instrumental stoner rock is just perfect. Heavy riffs, great production, songs are good and varied without ever getting masturbatory (a risk pretty common with the metal genre).

Recorded live to keep the studio gimmickry to a minimum (giving them extra punk points for me!) they’re earning some well-deserved underground press and slots opening up for more established bands. Their first effort EP 2010: Reprise is available for free on Bandcamp as well as Megaupload.

Sample track:

Bandcamp: http://thorun.bandcamp.com/