Jacob Bullard

January 2, 2012

More low-key Americana folk is served up by solo artist Jacob Bullard on his latest release Growin’ Seed. A Michigan native, he started making music after finishing college and has so far released two EP’s and one five-song demo.

Simplicity is the key with the main instruments being Jacob’s own voice and his acoustic guitar. Stripped down and with a modest production this is mellow, heartfelt music perfect for life’s laid back moments. Two releases are available as a free download, so check him out!

Sample track:

Bandcamp: http://jacobbullard.bandcamp.com/
Website: http://www.jacobbullard.blogspot.com/

For those wanting a bit garagey flavor to their roots rock, Canadian artist Buddy McNeil and his Magic Mirrors got two albums, one EP and one digital track’s worth available on their Bandcamp. Their recent full length Introducing Once Again… takes classic Americana roots, injects it with some healthy late sixties/early seventies Rolling Stones and adds a (at times) very Hives-sounding vocals on the thirteen tracks offered.

At times a bit too clean-sounding for my tastes, the band still has a firm grip on classic American rock with some smooth ballads, nice rave-ups and a couple more country-flavored tracks thrown in for variety. Buddy himself has a nice screaming style to his vocal delivery and their fluid material is sure to have something for everyone.

Sample track:

Bandcamp: http://buddymcneilandthemagicmirrors.bandcamp.com/
Website: N/A