The Loud

December 19, 2011

Glam is alive and well in the UK! The Loud is receiving their fair share of hype in the British music press right now, including some write-up in The NME recently. On their new release For My Record Machine (For Never Letting Me Down) they offer up a blend of classic glam rock with more modern sounding britpop. Four tracks in total that oddly enough bring to mind the sound of Lou Reed‘s Bowie-produced Transformer album, the EP paradoxically manages to sound both fresh and retro at the same time. Nice hooks, great fuzzed-out guitars and a sound that stays true to its roots.

Two EP’s and two singles has been released so far (all available from Bandcamp, some as a free download) and I’m pretty convinced these guys are just starting out making a name for themselves.

Sample track: