December 16, 2011

Oklahoma four-piece Broncho offers up a brand of old school punk rock that’s pretty unique these days. Not that aggressive they lean way more towards artier UK bands likeĀ  Wire with a vocal delivery that reminds me a bit of The Fall with some early Television thrown in. That said, there’s still plenty of energy in the songs with a couple of nice sing-along choruses added into the mix, and even though you can hear their influences, they never get quite as quirky as their British counterparts.

Their debut album Can’t Get Past the Lips has a nice low-key delivery that really works (while I’m listening to it I find myself awaiting a cover of Wire’s Mannequin to pop out any second!) and it manages to grow on you for every time you listen to it. The album has been released in a limited edition on vinyl, so check it out!

Sample track: