Cold Warps

December 18, 2011

Yet more bands that got you scratching your head wondering why they haven’t released a record on a label already is Canadian garage/power pop trio The Cold Warps. Especially when you consider there’s a bit of hype going on right now in the underground punk/garage scene for Canadian lo-fi bands like The White Wires and Marvelous Darlings (although that might change soon considering they link to Noyes Records on their website!).

We’re talking a nice mix of The Ramones (especially the vocal delivery!) with classic power pop influenced by greats like Paul Collins Beat and The Nerves – and staying pretty faithful to their roots while doing it. Three releases available so far, all serving up a basic, no-frills combination of power pop and garage with some nice punk energy. Two releases might still be available on cassette so check ’em out and drop them a message on Facebook!

Sample track: