The Jimmy C (update!)

April 19, 2012

Well, I already wrote about this Australian musician back in January (you can read about it here), and recently had the fortune of interviewing him for the upcoming issue of German music magazine¬† CRKO (where you’ll find this blog in a column format from now on), and not only is he a talented multi-instrumentalist but such a sweet, down-to-earth kinda guy I’m making an extra effort to promote him (arrogant rockstar wannabees take note!) With about 30 new songs written and recorded – you wanna talk ‘prolific’? – there’s a 5-track rough-mix sample available on his Bandcamp starting today.

Being a big fan of his previous album Glamour & Fame (if you’re looking for great-sounding 60s styled pop make sure you check it out) I was pleasantly surprised to see his songwriting and arranging skills having matured, and as a fellow musician it was great to see him move away from genre and instead focusing on songs – style be damned. In it’s rough format this is still a great collection of tracks and it’s obvious Jamie has found his voice. Now all we can do is sit back and just enjoy the fruits of his labor. The songs are free to download so what are you waiting for?

Sample track: