Angry Snowmans

December 22, 2011

Well, ’tis the season as they say and Canadian punkers The Angry Snowmans offers up not only one, but two releases of X-Mas spirit with their self-titled debut album and follow-up What We Do Is Festive. According to their own bio, the band is made up of “disgruntled, displaced Elves of the North Pole who are telling the world about Santa’s abusive practices” by covering classic punk/hardcore “hits” from the Old School days.

Absolutely nothing new – UK pop punks The Boys did the same thing under the Yobs moniker almost 30 years ago – it’s well executed with nice production (some of the songs having way better sound than the originals) and pretty funny to hear as an old punker ’cause you get everything from The Adolescents Kids of the Black Hole and Black Flag‘s Six Pack (“Egg Nog”!!!) to Angry Samoans Lights Out and The Germs What We Do Is Secret. Fun and nostalgic (although I personally missed Out There by F-Word).

Sample track: