Chains of Love

December 19, 2011

Wow! I gotta admit, I’m a big sucker for the girlgroup sounds of the 60’s, am a proud owner of the Back to Mono box collecting the work of Phil Spector, and Vancouver garage outfit Chains of Love had me salivating after the first listen! Labeling themselves “garage soul”, their first EP Singles offers up four tracks mixing the early 60’s pop sounds of Shirelles, Shangri-Las etc. with modern Bay Area garagers like The Mummies. We’re talking cute, sugary pop with a healthy dose of lo-fi dirt and an vocalist that sounds eerily like Ronnie Spector!

Some nicely layered simplistic music with nice instrumentation and great vocals, wrapped up in a neat lo-fi package. The track You Got It has been released on a limited edition 7″ (with exclusive b-side) by Hi-Scores Recording Library. Check ’em out!

UPDATE: The EP Singles mentioned in this review has been divided into two singles on their Bandcamp on account of the band seeing all their tracks released as 7″ singles.

Sample track: