The Reactions

January 3, 2012

Well, these guys really don’t need that much of an introduction for us collector nerds as their records fetch some pretty ridiculous prices on eBay these days. Formed in Florida in 1979, The Reactions delivered some pretty cool high-energy power pop in the early 80’s, self-released two 7″ EP’s and then folded. Making a name for themselves locally, interest in the band came years later when their tracks started appearing on various bootleg compilations during the 90’s.

Mixing The Buzzcocks with The Ramones we’re talking some pretty basic, three-chord power pop with healthy punk energy injected to it. Seventeen-track Cheap Rewards Records‘ compilation Saturday’s Gone Wild – available as a download on Bandcamp – offers all the material from the previously mentioned singles, with some unreleased rehearsals plus four live tracks. At the set price of nine dollars it’s a bargain compared to the originals.

Sample track: