Fear of Lipstick

January 20, 2012

Canadian quartet Fear of Lipstick serves up a take on Pop Punk that’s very refreshing on their latest album Seasons. Nice staccato guitars, singalong choruses and tons of hooks bringing to mind the classic ’77 sounds of Buzzcocks and a bit of Generation X – without ever trying to ape the bigger names of the 90’s Pop Punk explosion (a common problem in that scene I gotta say). Add a great production steering clear of the lo-fi camp and good vocal delivery and you got a nice little gem on your hands!

You get fourteen high-energy pop blasts on the album that’s available as a free download (yay!), and the vinyl version will be released later on this year by German label P Trash Records.

Sample track:

Bandcamp: http://fearoflipstick.bandcamp.com/
Website: http://www.facebook.com/fearoflipstick