Boom Chick

January 4, 2012

For a great slice of energetic lo-fi garage blues, check out Boom Chick‘s self-released debut offering Show Pony. Once again a duo, the guy/gal team Frank Hoier and Moselle Spiller manage to deliver a cool hybrid of modern garage punk with traditional swamp blues sounds. Unlike a lot of modern garage blues duos these days, these guys have a lot more in common with The Gories than The White Stripes, which is great ’cause there is a lot of carbon copies out there nowadays.

Recorded live to two-inch tape, the 2010 album has a nice raw production with just enough dirt to keep things interesting for an old garage hound like me, with some cool musicianship plus the occasional break from the traditional mold as added bonus. A 7″ single is due for release in February – check ’em out!

Sample track: