The Protons

January 24, 2012

Well, there’s no beating around the bush on this one, Portland outfit The Protons serve up tons of cool modern garage rock/surf instrumentals in the same vein as Man or Astro Man?, and even got the odd band member aliases down. Still they manage to steer clear of being outright copy-cats and the songs they offer up are pretty damn good. Add some nice  production – minus the samples MoAM? always used – and you got yourself a pretty good collection of tunes!

Great, sci-fi themed instrumental music – with a definitive slant on robots – showing off some great musicianship and cool  song ideas. There’s  eleven tracks – no album! – available on their Bandcamp as of now, but I gotta say it’s pretty annoying having each song as a separate release instead of collecting ’em all in one place. Let’s hope there’s an album coming soon!

Sample track: