Travelers of Tyme

December 20, 2011

Well, surf music saw its fair share of overkill during the 90’s. After Pulp Fiction hit the mainstream bringing legends like Dick Dale back in the limelight the revival was set in full swing making quantity over quality the rule. Bands like The Phantom Surfers and Man or Astro Man? (deservedly) gained a following but there was a whole lot of outfits that were – to be honest – quite awful. US-based duo Travelers of Tyme offers up a nice personal take of surf on their first self-titled album, mixing in vintage spy-movie themes, jazz exotica, 60’s lounge and – dare I say it – schmaltz with the classic reverb-drenched sounds you’d expect. Amazingly well-produced, the album is varied and offers some really nice twists and turns, making it anything but predictable for the listener!

Prof. Yaya & Dr. Klem (as they call themselves) have been active since the 90’s, and has so far released a slew of 7″ singles and EP’s, plus a couple of compilation tracks (all collected on their Bandcamp), all of them with a fresh approach to the music making it quite hard to choose just one track to sample. Fans of all things instrumental should check ’em out!

Sample track: