Iron Witch

January 17, 2012

If you’re in the mood for a bit more rough-edged stoner I can highly recommend Iron Witch‘s debut EP Single Malt released on Witch Hunter Records in 2011. Mixing up the heaviness of other outfits like Black Sabbath and Sleep with the hardcore stylings of Black Flag (circa My War-era), this UK outfit offers up a pretty unique brand of sludge with a nice punk edge that I really grooved on. It’s slow, it’s loud and they kept things just a lil’ bit ugly for taste – nice!

Five songs clocking in just around 25 minutes full of fuzzed-out doom-laden heaviness and a screeching vocalist that actually reminds me of GG Allin (!!!), I can definitely see this outfit being enjoyed by punks and metalheads alike. And according to more than one reviewer I read, these are the future kings of UK Doom! Free downloads are available.

Sample track: